Voice Over & Production Demos

Experienced voice over and production artist including Chicago, Miami, St. Louis, MTV Europe, and all over the United States.

KIA Ad April 2020

Kia ad in response to COVID-19

April 2017 Voice & Production Demo

Audio clips demonstrating various voice over styles from everyman to mellifluous rich announcer to excited engaging voice overs.

Heineken Ad July 2017

Best of Copywriting, Voice  & Production Demo

This demo showcases not only voice over and production, but also creativity in copywriting and the ability to write across a wide range of clients, topics and industries.

Radio Imaging Copywriting, Voice & Production Demo

Demonstrating writing, voice over and production of radio station branding across various genres including Rock Personality, Hot Adult Contemporary, Modern Adult Contemporary and Top 40




2 thoughts on “Voice Over & Production Demos

  1. My daughter was so impressed and so am I!! Great job Paul. Samantha said you sound like the movie theatre announcer. Ha! Congrats on a job well done.
    Happy for you!


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