Voice Over & Production Demos

Experienced voice over and production artist including Chicago, Miami, St. Louis, MTV Europe, and all over the United States.

June 2020 Voice & Production Demo

April 2017 Voice & Production Demo

Audio clips demonstrating various voice over styles from everyman to mellifluous rich announcer to excited engaging voice overs.

Heineken Ad July 2017

Best of Copywriting, Voice  & Production Demo

This demo showcases not only voice over and production, but also creativity in copywriting and the ability to write across a wide range of clients, topics and industries.

Radio Imaging Copywriting, Voice & Production Demo

Demonstrating writing, voice over and production of radio station branding across various genres including Rock Personality, Hot Adult Contemporary, Modern Adult Contemporary and Top 40




2 thoughts on “Voice Over & Production Demos

  1. My daughter was so impressed and so am I!! Great job Paul. Samantha said you sound like the movie theatre announcer. Ha! Congrats on a job well done.
    Happy for you!


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