Loyalty Marketing

Creating low cost, high perceived value items for on-site handouts and prizes as well as CRM loyalty mailings to station databases – always with an emphasis on the richness of brand in packaging, materials, and copy while subsidizing marketing dollars with sponsor placement wherever possible.

Sample: Leather Coaster Mailer

Front Covermarketing_material-1
Mail Panelmarketing_material-2
Inside Lettermarketing_material-3
Sponsor Messagesmarketing_material-5

Sample: Calendars


Creating year-round marketing materials with rich artwork from artist photos to classic concert posters to album art, these calendars became collector’s items to loyal fans and kept them connected with the brand on a daily basis.

Sample: Loyalty Email Marketing

Created listening appointments for special programming and promotions to keep the audience engaged with the radio station.  Developed the “add to calendar” feature and programming schedule providing pop up reminders to tune in to special programming or contests.





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