Radio Programming & On-Air

Music Director and Programming experience at Y-100 Miami, Y-98 St. Louis, WLUP-FM Chicago, Kids Radio Chicago, WKMQ-FM Rockford, WDRV-FM Chicago and WSHE-FM Chicago.

Radio imaging including writing, voicing, and production at Y-100 Miami, Y-98 St. Louis, WLUP-FM Chicago, WTMX-FM Chicago.

On-air at WTMX-FM Chicago, Y-100 Miami, WAXY-FM Miami, WKMQ-FM Rockford,  WLHT-FM Grand Rapids, WFMK-FM Lansing, WKFR-FM Kalamazoo, WMLM-AM St. Louis.

Instrumental in increasing ratings at WSHE-FM Chicago, WDRV-FM Chicago, WKMQ-FM Rockford, WTMX-FM Chicago and KYKY-FM St. Louis.

Assistant Program Director, WSHE-FM & WDRV-FM, Chicago
Increased Ratings: WDRV-FM 8th place to 3rd Men 25-54 M-Su
Increased Ratings: WSHE-FM 11th place to 3rd Women 25-54 M-Su

Program Director, WKMQ-FM, Rockford, IL
Debut Ratings: 3rd place Adults 35-64 M-Su, 7th Women 25-54 AM Drive
Grew Ratings: 2nd place Adults 35-64 M-Su, 2nd Women 25-54 AM Drive

Marketing Director, WTMX-FM Chicago, IL
Instrumental in increasing total week Arbitron ratings: 12+ 17th place to 6th, Adults 18-34 6th to 2nd, Adults 18-49 8th to 2nd, Adults 25-49 8th to 2nd, Adults 25-54 10th to 4th, Women 18-34 3rd to 2nd, Women 18-49 5th to 2nd, Women 25-49 5th to 2nd, Women 25-54 5th to 2nd

Production Director/Interim Program Director, KYKY-FM St. Louis, MO
Increased Arbitron total week ratings Spring 1993: W18-49 3rd to 1st, W25-54 3rd to 1st




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